Monday, April 4, 2011

Even Superman needed a day off -- The Challenge of Disciplining Kids in a Well-Intentioned World

Hey, a double-feature tonight, folks!  Enjoy!

Even Superman needed a day off

Okay, so to start out with, I'm not comparing myself to Superman... I do get Vitamin D from this yellow sun of ours... but it does nothing for my leaping over tall buildings in a single bound... that takes me multiple bounds and an elevator pass.

Superman is obviously a super man.  I mean, you talk about speed!  He's faster than a speeding bullet!  More powerful than a locomotive... whatever that is!  I bet he's stronger than a train, too.  Sure, he's fictional... but even given that, Superman needs a Fortress of Solitude just to get away from it all. 

I may not be the man of steel or even aluminum* (unless you count my deodorant), but all of us need a little solitude every now and then... and some Vitamin D.

The Challenge of Disciplining Kids in a Well-Intentioned World

Disciplinin' ain't easy but it's necessary.  It doesn't help that this sun is yellow and the skies are filled with chem trails... but even worse -- the best intentions of bystanders.  I think they mean well... I know they mean well but you know the old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions?

Well, there is no lack of pavement.

I remember at the doctor's office when I tried to get Teresa to stop singing so loudly and interrupting the conversation.  The doctor told me not to worry that it was perfectly fine. Basically go ahead and sing away!

Tonight I was taking Teresa aside and telling her it was not okay to yodel at the top of her lungs in church.  Then a sweet old lady came up to me and said, "Oh, that was precious!  Soooo beautiful!  I loved how her voice filled the church for Jesus!"


"That's true.  Her voice is beautiful but she has to learn when she has to be quiet and respectful."

Kids need boundaries.  They need discipline.   They don't need being told that no matter what they do, it's okay.  Hence the naughty step is a necessity.  And therefore also a Fortress of Solitude or at least a Man Cave (I keep seeing more and more guys getting these -- didn't we used to call them studies or dens?)... and giving your brides time alone or letting them have a nap or the female equivalent of a Man Cave... a mall?

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