Sunday, April 17, 2011

I, Barabbas

Hey?  Is the Daily D still doing Lent?  Yeah, just not the little icons, those were getting to be too much of a cross to bear. 

Well, today is Palm Sunday and you know what that means... palms!  But besides that comes the Passion of the Christ at Mass.  As a kid I hated being the crowd yelling "Crucify him!"  Under my breath I'd say, "Let him go." 

Year s later my wife told me one of the scenes that really got to her watching Mel's Passion was the scene with Jesus and Barabbas.  She said we were really like Barabbas -- just plain guilty and yet we were let go because of Jesus...


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Carrie said...

Funny...I had the same problem as a kid. It is easier as an adult when you understand things better, but I still sometimes choke on saying those words out loud anyway.