Thursday, April 7, 2011

Messes can wait

Well, I'm cleaning out my studio.  That's a perpetual kinda thing because I'm on the messy side.  And the messy side is messy because I'm on it.

Anyway as much fun as it is to make the mess, it's no fun cleaning it up.  So, you know me, I try to Mary Poppins it up... so I salvaged our old TV and DVD player from the sister mess in the basement.   Then I popped in Hotel Rwanda to watch as I cleaned.

Not really a spoon full of sugar but one of my favorite films.  It's the kind of movie that can really put things in perspective.

It is a haunting film, no doubt.  What spooks me is how I could see how easily our society could crumble into chaos -- especially since our moral fabric is so thread bare.  What would it take?  Gas going up?  Water going down?  It doesn't take much.

But in the worst of times, we can discover what's best in us.  What's really important.  Money?  Stuff? Having a clean office?  No, none of that.  It's family.  So I stopped cleaning and spent the rest of the night with my girls.

Don't worry.  From experience I've learned that messes have one virtue and that's they they can wait.

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