Friday, April 15, 2011

The Sump Pump(s)

Well, a trying day and night for yours truly and his better half.  Got a bad case of the sump pump blues.  Yep, this afternoon Tracy Lyn discovered flooding in the basement.  Our old pump gave out.  It was a bizarre day and I tried many fixes with our spare and switched back and forth with the old one and the newer old one -- I went back and forth to Home Depot and finally around 9:30pm I got the thing pretty well fixed... well, until it stopped working... but now it's working again... for now.  I mopped up most of the water, showered and now I'm beat.  Haven't decided if I should just go out and buy a new one and cut the risks of another fail on the pump.  I'll sleep on it and check every two hours... it's raining again.

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