Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Fine Art of Self-dentistry

Little tired today from my late night adventure.

It all started as I was flossing my teeth.  Doesn't sound too adventurous, does it?  But I accidentally (pun!) dislodged an end of a wire retainer from my eye teeth.  So I had this sharp wire thing poking into my tongue.

I used a CD as a makeshift mirror to check out the situation in my mouth.  I tried tucking the poking wire down with no luck.  I thought about using some duct tape but couldn't figure out how that would help.  So I went to the ol' tool box and took out my trusty pliers.

When you don't have dental insurance, sometimes you just have to make do.  As I maneuvered the pliers into position in my mouth, I thought about that one scene in the movie Cast Away when Tom Hank's character had to knock a bad tooth out of his own mouth with a rock.  I tugged and tugged on the wire until I finally freed it from my mouth.

All in all everything turned out just fine... so much better than my DIY root canal.

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