Friday, November 19, 2010

Why my wife is not a widow this year

Sometimes Nature's call is not merely to go to the bathroom.  It also calls for men to don blaze orange, to blaze a trail in the woods and hunt the excess deer that would otherwise be car fodder in winter.

Two years ago I attended DNR classes so I could at last answer this call myself.  You can't keep Nature on hold forever.  I planned on hunting every other year to keep my wife from being a hunter's widow too often.  There is an wise, old saying: happy wife, happy life.

This again is my year to answer Nature's call in the hunting way.  But with all the recent trips to the baby doc and the doctor's call for her not to lift over 20 lbs, my wife asked me to hang up on Nature. 

I still might don some orange of the blazing variety, but it won't be the same.  Now I must go, for Nature is calling me again in another way... and I must take this one.

Erik sent me a pic of what I'm missing so far...

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