Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday is not the day of rest

The day of rest comes tomorrow.  Today is devoted to family business or maybe family "busy-ness".  We plan on going to the Christmas Parade in downtown GB which should take up most of the morning.  Grocery shopping in the afternoon.  I've got some outside chores to finish and few things I want need to sell online.  I woke up early today to continue my quest to learn how to type properly.  I have a Saturday goal to learn all the letter keys today.  I also want to continue my InDesign CS5 training.  And so, it begins.
Life is a Parade

The hot-air snowman!
We found a spot on Cherry Street facing the downtown Y's parking lot.  According to the bank clock the temp was 27 degrees... fortunately we had 28 layers of clothing on.  It was a good parade with some great marching bands and even a couple big balloons.  I'm always surprised how lax the security around Santa is at these things but there were no incidents.  Tracy Lyn was Teresa's candy wingman (wingwoman?) in chasing down the candy.  Sometimes they'd even run across the parade street if they spotted a stray piece.  Thankfully there were no incidents.  Right now they are warming up under blankets and I'm serving them hot cocoa.

Tracy Lyn and Teresa enjoying the show

Left: Teresa and a snowball  Right: Tuckered out
Snowmen for security?  Come on!

 Well, got my chores done.  Took Teresa to the Y for a swim and I am typing this blog properly.  Man, this sentence took a long time!

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