Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What to say to a pregnant woman

Sounds like we'll be going back to see the doctor again, if for no other reason than to put my wife's mind at ease about Baby Pumpkin. A friend's sister lost her baby under similar circumstances and oddly enough they named that baby the same name we picked out for a girl. Weird coincidence.  I don't get worried about negative possibilities until they happen.  So I'm not so worried... except about the bill from these extra visits to the doc.

Back from the doc.  Everything seems okay with Tracy Lyn and the baby.  Got to hear the heartbeat again which is probably the greatest thing to hear in the world when you're pregnant.  I think Tracy Lyn has much more peace of mind... or at least a bigger piece of peace.   We'll seem the doc again next week.  I think I'll try the free valet parking... but first I better clean out the car.
One nugget of advice the doc gave us is really worth sharing. What should you say to a pregnant woman? "When is your due date?" This gives the power of the conversation to the pregnant woman. All too often people feel it is their duty to share their pregnancy experiences (especially the challenging ones) which usually results in scaring the expectant mother... and they are under enough stress as it is.

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