Sunday, February 20, 2011

100th Post or when will he stop already?

One hundred days ago I started a daily blog.  This is that blog.  And this is post #100.

Going triple digits is a pretty big accomplishment, ask any centenarian... and you might have to ask them loudly.  But I can't help but feel this blog is still very young and I'll probably look back at these first 100 entries like I do the finger paintings I did back in college.

So what happened today in The Daily D world?  Woke up.  Got the girls up and went to Mass at SFX.  Did a little food shopping before the looming snowstorm began it's tirade.  Then I spent the day doing dishes and dirtying more dishes with cooking and baking... two of Teresa's favorite things.  We made some amazing Chicken Noodle Soup (would have been epic but I forgot to buy garlic) and some oatmeal cookies.

There's about seven inches of snow on the ground right now.  Boy, am I tired but I want to make another dent in these dishes... at least the metallic ones.

Thanks for all those who've been following The Daily D so far.  A very select group I might add since we're still in the experimental stage.  Let me know what you like.  (From the stats page I've found, the crazier the title, the more hits I get).

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