Monday, February 14, 2011

My Lambeau Valentines

I decided to take today off from work.  For one thing I was running on fumes and needed to recharge my batteries.  For another thing my financial class was today at 6 -- which is right after work and lasts until 8... and today is Valentine's Day.  Have PTO, will take off.

We started the day with exchanging home-made Valentines.  Teresa finally got to try some of the chocolates we picked out for Tracy Lyn at Kaap's.  And I got a Super Bowl champs hoody from the girls.

We decided to beat the Valentine's supper rush and go for lunch at Lambeau... or Curly's Pub to be more precise.  First time there and everything was wonderful -- especially the service and the food.  Can't beat the atmosphere. 

Tracy Lyn had the ROCKWOOD LODGE BURGER (Half-pound burger topped with Wisconsin cheddar cheese, a quarterpound Louisiana hot link and sauerkraut).  Teresa had the mini- corn dogs and fruit platter. (very proud she ate the fruit and chose that over french fries).  I had the BEER CHEESE AND BACON BURGER (half-pound burger topped with thick sliced bacon and beer cheese spread).  Needless to say it was all really good. 

We put Teresa's name on the season tickets waiting list and also entered the Brown County lottery for tix.  Teresa also got a special certificate for her first real visit to Lambeau. 

Got home and found a loaf of cholcolate chip bread from Great Harvest on our garage door nob (my parents!)  Very good and only half a loaf left.

I went to class, got home and made supper.  Teresa had already been fed but must have a second stomach for the amount of food she downed from our plates. 

Tracy Lyn is reading her stories and we'll be blessing her goodnight soon and then it's the season premiere of Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 for me and my Valentine. 

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