Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not so tired today

After a week of early-to-rise and late-to-bed, sleeping in until 9:30am really helped me bounce back from complete exhaustion. 

Today was pretty lazy - aside from working 8 hrs.  I got to spend time with my two girls and Baby Pumpkin.  Made good on a promise to Teresa to make some thin and crispy oatmeal cookies we saw on ATK (America's Test Kitchen).  I think they turned out pretty well but that's all hearsay since I had to take off for work before the first batch was out of the oven.

I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off this week.  We'll get the house ready for our new little bundle of joy and celebrate Valentine's Day.  Spoiler Alert to my Wife:  Don't read further if you're my better half.  Teresa and I went on a mission to Kaap's and handpicked a special box of chocolates for Tracy Lyn.  Never like the pre-arranged boxes where there are just too many weird chocolates you end up spitting out.  So these are all the good ones. 

Got a couple economically priced steaks from Festival for Valentine's supper... came to about $5 altogether.  Now I fully expect Teresa to eat most of my steak but that's okay - just gotta stay on a budget.  Mental note: gotta get some steak sauce for Tracy Lyn. 

Tracy Lyn wants to go out to Lambeau for Valentine's lunch.  I kid her that she complained about watching the Packers during the season and now she's so into them.  She admits she's a fair weather fan but who isn't a fan of fair weather?

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