Saturday, February 19, 2011

Teresa's endless whys

As Teresa loves to sing (ala The Sound of Music), "I am three, going on seventeen..."  Isn't that the truth!  We've been reminiscing when Teresa was just a little baby which really seems more like seventeen years ago than just three.

We love watching our "old" home movies of her when she could barely talk but sure was vocal!

Since then Teresa has gained a good command of the English language.  Of late she's been calling all things into question... the question of why?  Sometimes it's genuine curiosity.  Yesterday during our visit to the Wildlife Sanctuary, Teresa asked why the car in front of us was coming to the Sanctuary.  I told her probably because she likes coming to the Sanctuary.  Teresa's standard follow-up question? Why?  So I flipped the question.  I said, "Probably the same reason you like coming here, why do you like coming here?"  Teresa's answer, "Because I love duckies!"  "Why do you like duckies, Teresa?"  "Because they are so handsome!"  I couldn't follow-up with another why? -- I was laughing too hard.

Then there's the other kind of why that Teresa has been using too often.  The kind that questions our authority as parents.  We'll make a request of Teresa and instead of being obedient, she asks her favorite question, why?  Her follow-up to that is often "No way!"

It's very important to answer both kinds as thoroughly as possible.  Her whys of inquiry as to how things work need good explanations -- especially the really big questions about God.  Albert Einstein once said you really don't know something until you can explain it to your grandmother -- I'd add three-year-old.  If you keep on asking why, why, why; eventually they whys will lead you to God.

When Teresa questions our authority as parents we need to make it clear to her that our role as being her parents.  Not just because I said so but because I said so because I want what's best for you

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