Sunday, March 27, 2011

Confessions of a Happy Catholic

You know the number one "denomination" in the U.S. is former Catholics?  There's a lot of reasons for that stat but this post isn't about that. I got a Top Ten list for you... but I'm not calling it a Top Ten list because those tend to be funny... there just so happens to be ten things on the top of my list.

This list is more of "confessions of a happy Catholic".  I'm Catholic and here's why I happy about that:

#10 NFP:  Natural Family Planning.  A lot of people have a problem with the Church's stance on artificial contraception... it's none of the Church's business!  Well, the Church is in the "business" of saving souls and saving lives and helping you live life to the fullest.  NFP does all of that.  There's a saying out there "it's better than sex" -- well NFP is sex better than "sex the culture has been trying to sell us".

#9 Its Art for Pete's Sake!  Yeah, real art -- the stuff that doesn't need a three page artist's statement to explain itself.  Not art for art's sake.  Art for... St. Pete's sake! Have you seen the Sistine Chapel?

#8 Pro-Life Pros:  As I've hit the sidewalk for 40 Days for Life I've noticed 90% are armed with rosaries.  Father Frank Pavone (period)

#7 Saints A' Marching: Talk about inspiring!  Okay, I will.  My parents gave me 12 middle names and they are all Saints or at least on the way... Solonas Casey, baby!  And my first name was after St. Damien of Molokai... he really inspired me especially when my wife and I went to Molokai on our honeymoon and we experienced how tough that island was -- she almost didn't make it back.  But we do more than just be inspired by their stories, we become a part of them through asking for their intercession.  Hey, if High School Musical taught us anything it's we're all in this together.

#6 How do I love thee?  Let me count the sacraments!  Seven!

#5 History.  That fact that the Church has survived all these centuries is, in itself, a miracle.  It's also comforting.

#4 Authority. 
Code of Canon Law?  Magisterium?  What's with all the rules?  Take a look at the world today.  It's freeing because I the bounds of the game of life and it's just no fun when you're out of bounds.

#3 Mom.  Only makes sense that God wouldn't leave us motherless. 

#2 The Gift.  When I returned to the sacrament of Confession after 17 years, and confessed 17 years of crud, my only penance was to be thankful for the gift of faith.  Hard to wrap my mind around that but the next point is a good segue...

#1 Everest. 
The summit of our Faith dwarfs Mt. Everest.  Being Catholic is experiencing the fullness of the Faith.  I see Christ!  I recognize Him in the Eucharist!  What a gift! 

This list pretty condensed which is cool because it means I might even read it.  You know... I am beyond happy... astonished is more like it.  Do I deserve any of these ten?  Do I deserve having Christ die for me?  Maybe I should close this post and get down on knees.  Amen!

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