Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not so far-fetched

I highlighted the great divide between the Catholic Church and mainline protestants.  But what are the obstacles keeping the Protesters from crossing the Tiber's line?

Are the original reason's for the divide still relevant?

Here are a few objections I often hear these days: 

photo by Bernard Ganon
The Catholic Church has so many man-made traditions that aren't found in the bible!  Where does it say that in the bible?  Well, for one thing, where does it say in the bible that everything has to be in the bible?  Another question: what came first the bible or the Church?

Why do Catholics worship Mary?
  Well, we don't.  We do give honor where honor is due but only God deserves our worship.  So no problem there.  Mary is a big problem for some.  Mary having a virgin birth is fine and dandy, though that is indeed a miracle but her Immaculate Conception is a tripper.  Is it so far-fetched that God could do such a thing?  Look at the attention to detail and perfection God demanded of the ark of the covenant to be constructed... Look at the consequences if someone messed up with even carrying the ark...  how much more important would the ark of the new covenant have to be?  Is it so far fetched that Mary was the sinless Mother of God?

The Eucharist.  While there are many fundamentalists who take the bible quite literally in the creation story, when it comes to the Bread of Life discourse, they somehow think Jesus wasn't talkin' literally.  If creation was created in seven literal days because the bible says so, shouldn't we take the creator at His word about the Eucharist... or is that too far-fetched?

The pope.  What's the deal with papal infallibility?   Well, wasn't the bible infallibly written?  Didn't the Holy Spirit inspire and guide the authors?  Is it too far-fetched that while speaking ex-cathedra the pope is inspired and guided by that same Holy Spirit?

Is it easy being Catholic?  No.  Is it reasonable?  You bet!

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