Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day R.E.M.

I haven't been getting as many Z's in at the ol' dream factory of late.  Not making my quotas.  Perhaps it's just good prep for the sleepless nights that will be spent with the baby when the boughs break.  (Make sure you register your boughs in case of any recalls.)

Actually that kinda looks like my work desk
What I really have is second-hand insomnia from my wife's discomfort trying to sleep with a 30 lb pumpkin. When she does get her Z's -- they are... something incredible.  I once woke up to what sounded like an angry Pit Bull growling... maybe this would be a better Secret Self post?

So enough about my beautiful and understanding wife.

So what was I talking about?  Pit Bulls?  Michael Vick?  Sorry,  I haven't been getting as many Z's in at the ol' dream factory of late... kinda been drifting.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS ONE!!! I'm beginning to feel your pain.

(Although, maybe this should have been a secret post...hehe.)

BTW, the latest comments are from a laptop, not the iPad.

Damien Schmitt said...

Well, it's been a while since my wife read the Daily D -- so far this post has gone under the radar...

Speaking of iProducts, I just fired up my old grape flavored iMac. Still is kickin' since the 90's! It's running on 8.6! I figured I'd use it as backup storage.

Anonymous said...

I'll try a comment from the iPad later today. But it's good to reuse older computers. I've helped three people this week resurrect older technology for storage, or just as a streamer. Reduce, reuse, or recycle.

Damien Schmitt said...

The one I'm typing this on is... seven years old - woah! It's a very functional antique -- maybe I'll cash it in on Antiques Roadshow and buy a new one. Those solid state hard drives look great.