Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snow Mow

Well, at least we didn't take out the inflatable pool.
It was tough getting an appetizer of of Spring only to get a full helping of Winter again.  The girls were cooped up for most of the week and Teresa was running a temperature of Cabin Fever... It doesn't help that our house has kind of a cabiny motif. 

So Teresa and I ventured out today.   Threw around some ice chunks.  Gave the birds a loaf of moldy bread... a full half loaf at that -- unsliced... I just chucked the whole half loaf at the birds -- they flew away - chickens! (character-wise, not genus)

Teresa's cabin fever broke but her Spring fever set in.  We kicked around the ol' volleyball because we the soccer ball was AWOL.  She took out her sidewalk chalk and then asked for her lawn mower.  The following video resulted. 

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