Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Young Wives Tales

Last time Tracy Lyn went past her due date we tried a lot of home-remedies for inducing labor naturally.  We heard spicy food (Asian+Mexican) would do it... nope.  Italian... mama mia, no.  Greasy food?  Not even sliders!

Driving up and down bumpy roads?  No.

Lots of walking?   No.

Pitocin?  Yes.

Actually that last one was not a home-remedy... we went into the hospital and that did the trick!

It's funny what some people swear by -- the latest one we've heard?  Castor oil.  Note: taken internally.  A couple of Tracy Lyn's friends swear by it.  This infamous oil is something kids in years gone by really used to swear by.

We talked with our baby doc about these young wives tales and made a good point.  If these remedies really, really worked -- no one would ever go past their due dates.

Heard any good ones?  Any good ones work for you?

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