Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Great Divide

More than once in a while have I heard "Catholic?  Protestant?  We do just about the same things!"  I've heard this from Catholics as often as Protestants.  In some respects that's true.  I've attended a lot of Lutheran services (of the WELS variety) and sometimes the liturgy seems more Catholic-ish than some of our own Masses. Their pastor facing the altar... The congregation receiving communion kneeling at a rail... pre-Vatican II but, then again, they never even had Vatican I.

But while there are some similarities on the surface, real beauty and Truth are not skin deep.  So where's the beef and what's my beef?  Well, let me ask a few questions...

photo by Tobias Alt
Which one has Apostolic succession? Which one has secession from the union?

A follow-up... if there isn't a valid priesthood, is there a valid Eucharist? 

Which one has the unabridged bible? Kind of important -- especially if you believe in sola scriptura... and where did the bible come from?

Which one has seven Sacraments instead of just two or three?

While both defend the sanctity of marriage as being between a woman and a man and try to defend that definition of marriage from being re-defined by others... who has tried to re-define Communion itself (transubstantiation vs. consubstantiation) which is the marriage feast of the Lamb!

In our day and age, the family is under attack.  In which one do you have a Mom (the Blessed Virgin Mary)?

What is the only Church that defends the dignity of life to the extent that it has kept its stance on birth control as being a moral evil?

Yes, these are leading questions that hopefully lead you to see the significant differences between us.  But as I'm highlighting the ginormous differences in our beliefs, the question is - are the obstacles that keep most people from joining the Church as ginormous?   Maybe not.  At least I have a theory.  Tune in tomorrow.  Same time, same batty blog.

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