Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AT&T doesn't stand for Awesome Timely and True

I've been on the phone the past hour being promised awesome customer service but have been continually transferred to a robotic menu and then to a customer service rep promising awesome customer service and delivering me to the same robotic menu.  Shampoop, rinse and repeat.  Shampoop, rinse and repeat.

I decided that instead of losing it I'd hang up and try again when I'd be in a less Ahab-ish state of mind.  I'm just disappointed.  Disappointed that I ever stuck up for AT&T when everyone else is on Verizon.  Disappointed that my only option besides AT&T is Time Warner.  Disappointed in mankind... particularly the so-called customer service people at AT&T and disappointed that the menu robot doesn't understand "CUSTOMER SERVICE!  JUST GET ME CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

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