Saturday, December 4, 2010

Piano of Christmas Present and the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Had a wonderful time at Tej and Ty's piano recital of Christmas music.  We arrived a bit late and missed Ty's first performance but he graced us with a reprise at the very end.  Tej was last to perform but certainly anti-least!  And his bow at the end was a real show stopper... which was well-timed since it was the end of the show. 

After the recital, we raced home to really bundle up warm before going to Christmas at Heritage Hill.  A friend at work (thanks, Chris) gave us free tickets and today was really the only weekend before Christmas that would work.  The events at the Hill are so much more interactive than I remember them being as a kid.  And the school masters aren't so mean.

So a pretty fun day which concluded with a trip to Copps and Festival Foods and yet another viewing of "Alvin and the Chipmunks", Teresa's new favorite movie.

Stop back for video of the recital and Heritage Hill.

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