Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Wallet

I'm a pocket guy... as in my pockets are usually filled to the brims.  Emptying my pockets could fill a kitchen table and maybe a couple chairs.  Recently I've avoided carrying my wallet in my back pocket since I heard that that carrying it there is bad for your back/posture when you sit on a wallet.  So now my wallet resides in my front pocket "stuff menagerie".  Unfortunately an packet of Emergen-C exploded filling my pocket, my cell phone, my keys, my rosary, my portable flash drive and wallet with little grandules of Vitamin-C.

While Vitamin-C is great for my health when taken internally, it really does more harm than good when taken inside my pocket.   This has been especially true for my cell phone and wallet.  My cell makes crunching noises every time I punch in a number.  My wallet didn't get as crunchy but grimy.  So did some of my cards.  For Christmas I got a new wallet!

I usually end up buying a new wallet when I'm almost broke.  That's an odd thing to spend your bottom dollars on and then have no bottom dollars to put in.  But it speaks to the desire to better organize.  Everything has to start somewhere and I think I've come a long way since my last wallet change.  That's not to say I had to transfer a whole bunch of moola to my new wallet, but I've taken a few small steps to where I want to be. 

To me a new wallet is a sign.  For me it's like turning over of a new leaf and underneath is new wallet.  In it is the chance to better manage your finances and your Vitamin-C. 

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