Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Would you rather smell like "ice, wind & freedom" or stink and not have alzheimer's?

It was a pricey deodorant to be sure but I was tired of all the lost battles with funk my natural deodorant continued to lose.  Natural deodorant, what's that?   A rock of limestone you rub under your arm?  No.   It was Arm & Hammer's  "Aluminum Free" and "Paraben Free" Essentials Natural Deodorant.  It worked fine except it really didn't live up to its name - deodorant.  I stunk.

So I got tired of stinking.  I turned to the deodorant aisle at Walmart and followed my nose to a deodorant named Matterhorn.  That even sounds strong.  It's made by Old Spice.  That sounds spicey.  After a little debate as to whether any deodorant was worth $4, I decided to take a leap (or perhaps make a climb), and bought the mighty odor killer that "smells like ice, wind & freedom" - three things I always thought were odorless but maybe that's what you want in a deodorant.  Besides in our employee handbook we're supposed to strive to create a scentless environment.  I wonder if that policy was written in after I ate sardines for lunch one day.

Ice, Wind  & Freedom!

Now the whole reason I was so loyal to my "Natural Protection" deodorant (man, I hate writing that word so much but the only synonym I can think of is anti-perspirant and that sounds so girlie) was that some ingredients commonly found in deodorant have been commonly thought to cause cancer, alzheimer's.  The aluminum and paraben are the culprits.  And maybe they do a number on odor too because my natural deodorant... for lack of word or imagination, sucks. 

The problem is my toxic deodorant rocks... Rocks like Matterhorn.  It may have aluminum but let's not forget before modernized mining/refining techniques were developed, aluminum was considered a precious metal.  Napoleon Bonaparte served food to his most distinguished dinner guests on aluminum platters.  And let me tell you, I have never smelled better.  At least I can't remembered when I've ever smelled better.  And that's the kicker: Would you rather smell like ice, wind & freedom or stink and not have alzheimer's?

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