Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chillin' Wisconsin-style

Well, the much anticipated weather was delayed but there was no denying... it was quite a blizzard!  I slept on the couch last night (again) - not because I was in the doghouse but I get intense fits of coughing from the cold I have and I want the girls to get some sleep.  Anyway it was my job to get the girls up for Mass if the roads looked passable.  Well, I couldn't even see the roads by dawn's early light.

Our driveway by dawn's early light

I thought we could just listen to Mass on Relevant but decided to see if anyone could even get to the Cathedral to broadcast it.  9:00 a.m. came and the live broadcast of the Mass did not... it was the rosary instead.  So the girls got to sleep in even more.  At 9:30 Relevant played Saturday's votive service at which time I woke up the girls.

We were definitely snowbound... so we promptly took away all of Teresa's beloved scissors.  In our own personal state of emergency we didn't want to risk any emergencies that would require any car travel.

It took a good long time to blow out our driveway.  The snow in places drifted higher than my snow blower.  And the 40-50 mph winds really launched that snow back into the atmosphere as I dug us out.

The indomitable snowman

Teresa bundled up to see the Dr. Seuss-like drifts in our backyard.  She could barely see over the drift barricading our back door.


We had a pretty good day cooped up together with only a minor bout of cabin fever.  The big plows have yet to come through and really clean us out.  So that, coupled with the fact that my car and this kind of weather agree to disagree with each other, and multiplied by the fact I'm still coughing so hard I have to take concussion tests with Rodgers, I might end up WFH tomorrow.

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