Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's no place like WFH

I coughed so hard today I bruised my brain.  But on the plus side I am feeling a little better than yesterday.  I did go into work to beat a couple important deadlines but then I took off to WFH (work from home).

Oh, what a beautiful thing WFH is!   Is it necessary to have a physical office these days?  Probably.  And that's what office space lease people would have you believe.  And if all the doctors worked from home, that might get confusing.  But there are a lot of bonuses to WFH that technology now affords us.  And if we can afford it, why not?

I arrived home to my wife putting up some more Christmas lights and another sighting of the mysterious and adorable Christmas Bear!  There's no place like WFH.

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