Friday, December 3, 2010

Kill mice and have fun doing it

An early morning edition of the Daily D today.   It's a big day today as my Fridays usually are since Fridays are the day I watch Teresa all day and my wife works at St. Catherine's Bookstore. Coincidentally Fridays are also the day I tend to throw out my back.

Before me I have a mighty list, as in a mighty long list, of things I'd like to accomplish today.  And the list is growing rather than shrinking.

The list includes some new items for me such as Item Number One: Kill mice. Yes, as I feared, the tiny intruder I saw earlier this summer in the garden, has set up base in our garage. I already bought a trap in the summer but discovered it was designed for in-home use. So last night I baited it with Skippy peanut butter. The question is, do choosy mice choose Jif?  Neither brand seems to be going after the mouse trap bait market.  Who knows, this blog might get a sponsor.

Anyway, you know me, I'm all about turning seemingly un-fun tasks into something fun.  So I like to add "and have fun doing it" or "and have a great time doing it" to each of my chores or goals.  And so today I'm faced with a to-do list that includes "Kill mice and have fun doing it".

I'll let you know how that goes.

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David F Starr said...

I used that once with a mouse trap in my studio, I daintily put it on, and the mouse licked it clean without setting off the trap. I was like, WHATTTT?!?!? So the next time I just gooped a bunch on there, caught the mouse the next day. SO the choosy mouse, chooses a lot of PB.