Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Christmas Carol Part I

As is my tradition, I've begun reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol for my holiday* reading.  (War on Christmas people please note: I use the term "holiday" to describe time off given to celebrate special occasions and holy days -- I prefer the greeting "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Holidays" but I'll take either over "Have a good one!"  I use holiday as a synonym for Christmas since I already used the word Christmas earlier in the sentence... holiday is not a four-letter word.)

I woke up early this morning with Teresa still snoozin' in our bed since she had a bad dream last night.  So I got to gaze upon my sweet little daughter sleeping like a commercialized angel, and once again dig into A Christmas Carol

Now I haven't read all the books on the 100 Best Novels lists but I have read a few and of all the novels I have read, I consider A Christmas Carol to be the tops of my own personal list.

Tomorrow I shall give evidence to support my hypothesis.  Stay tuned... er, blogged.

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