Thursday, December 30, 2010


New media can seem like a brave new world sometimes, to some people.  I have a friend who refuses to join Facebook because he says it is evil.  And if evil is a strong word, so is its cousin "hate".  I know people who hate Twitter.

You'd think they'd hate it because of the smurf-like lingo associated with it... TweetUps, Retweets, TweetStream, Twitterati... or all the times it's over-capacity and they see that icon of the giant white whale (why does everything come back to Moby Dick?) with the little tweeties trying to haul it away... but it isn't either of those reasons.

They fail to see the beauty in it... the possibility.  Like what?  Check this out.  Those of you who have been following The Daily D know that I've been having problems with my AT&T bill.  The biggest being trying to get a human being on the phone who can solve the problem without transferring me back to the automated menu.  We're talking hours of holding and frustration on the phone.  I decided to see if AT&T had a Twitter page that could help.  144 characters later, an AT&T twitter-er responded.   We tweeted a little bit back and forth and just a few minutes ago an awesome AT&T representative called me and apologized for all the hassles and explained how everything would be resolved, offered me their phone number and extension and promised to follow up with another call to ensure everything was taken care of properly. 

I'll gladly defend Twitter.  Do I love it?  Right now I'm definitely twitterpated but love might be too strong of a word.  I like-like it.  To those of you who don't, maybe it's not a brave new world, maybe it's just another undiscovered country.

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