Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

God bless us everyone!  My Christmas started out like they always do -- at midnight.  That also corresponded with my 12a to 8a shift in Master Control... my first overnighter.  Half the challenge was getting there.  The other half was staying awake.

To me, being "on time" to work is late.  We went down to Hartford for Christmas Eve at Tracy Lyn's parent's.  My wife likes big goodbyes -- or long goodbyes to be more accurate... or several goodbyes to be most.  We did pretty good to get out with only two goodbyes and 30 minutes behind schedule.  So, though I should have been tired, I was made alert hoping I'd at least get to work in time.

Thankfully the roads were, for the most part, smooth but not too slick and I made it into work with ten minutes to spare. 

I had a rare couple cans of soda... I needed the caffeine to keep me company for the shift.  I was pretty alert throughout thanks to the two live programs airing keeping me in my toes -- and I had to stay on my toes during the late hour, just to keep my motor running. 

I did get a chance to continue my tradition of reading A Christmas Carol.  There is a surveillance web cam in Master Control.  I wonder if it caught me breaking down over the last Stave?  Or how about my dancing the last hour to the Christmas pop music we broadcast?

I made it home around 8:15a.  I woke up my very tired wife and debated whether to try and make it to the 9a Mass at Cathedral.  Well, I knew Tracy Lyn would be mad at herself if she missed the only Mass at SFX, and she wouldn't be any less tired if she got up for 10:30a at St. Bernard's.  

Getting Teresa up was easier.  Waking a child up on Christmas day is my forte.  She saw her presents but was completely fine with waiting until after Mass to open them.  She impressed me the night before when it was present opening time at my in-laws' and she didn't get any presents given to her for the first few minutes while all the other kids were opening theirs... Teresa wasn't asking where her presents were, she just enjoyed watching her cousins open their gifts.  But when she did open her presents, she just burst with joy. 

I'm really glad we made it to the 9a Mass.  So was Tracy Lyn.  It was just so moving.  The incense really moved me to a coughing fit that took me out for a bit but I recovered.  Princi got it right when she said "Now that is how Christmas Mass should be!  I'm so glad this is our church!" 

After Mass we ran into Jim and Carrie and the kids.  They were surprised we didn't notice them during the service since Jack likes so much to "participate" during Mass.  But the acoustics in SFX are such that boisterous kids' voices just don't carry... except into the ears of their parents.  Anyway we took some pics of our fams all dolled up (Okay, I wasn't so dolled up having worked an overnight and wearing the same clothes three days in a row) and even some shots with the Bishop. 

We got home but there was still no rest for yours truly weary.  We opened the gifts under the tree and then started prepping for Christmas dinner.  It was a turkey day!  I tried taking cat naps between bastings for the bird.  I rested but I didn't sleep. 

My parents came over and we had quite a feast!  Turkey and stuffing and potatoes and corn and gravy and sparkling juice; and finished it all off with cheese cake.  We were amazed at how much Teresa ate - especially the two servings of the cake. 

After the dishes I finally got to go to sleep.  I tried reading a little Moby Dick before bed but there was no "Favre-ing", I had to retire.  I set the alarm for 7a since I had to work an 8a-4p Sunday.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight sleep!

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