Friday, January 21, 2011

Back in the saddle of a couch

Hey Daily D fans, I have great news to report!  My dad is home from the hospital!  Teresa and I brought him a Packers snuggie and I card that only Teresa can interpret.  He's very glad to be home and didn't seem to have any of the narcolepsy that he had in the hospital.  He's back on solid foods as well.  We picked up some cheese pizzas for supper.  I'd say the thing giving him the hardest time is his knee that he hurt the day before the surgery.

Today I also made up for all the dishes I didn't do due to my visiting hours.  Oh, I'd say it took me a good 3 hours to get them all scrubbed.  Amazing how it just takes maybe 20 minutes a night or... 3 to 4 hours if you let them pile up for a few days.

Beard update:  Well, I'd say this is the thickest or at least the sharpest it's ever been.  Sharpest according to Tracy Lyn whenst I try to kiss her.  Thickest for me yet still on the transparent side.  It needs more opaqueness.  I tell you the temptation to shave it all off is very high.

The big Packer-Bear game hoopla is at an all-time high.  The stakes are higher than a butcher shop on Mt Everest (Yep, that's an original) yet I think the very fact that people are investing so much time/energy/importance on it just kinda makes me think how really insignificant it is in the whole scheme of things.  I mean it's just a game, people!  Anyway it's kinda cool that our RCIA class will meet during the middle of the game... and knowing that I won't even be able to see the outcome of the game live also takes the "importance" out of the game for me.  'Course I'd really like if the Pack won!

Okay, I think you're caught up with all the news that's fit to Schmitt today.  And for those who tune in for the contest, I almost forgot to post tonight.

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