Wednesday, January 12, 2011

May u live 2 c the dawn

This just in... my brain:  "May u live 2 c the dawn."  Yeah, it's a flashback from my Prince daze.  As many of my friends know I was a big fan of Prince.  So much so that I just refrained from writing the typical artist formally known as... (insert joke here).  Yes, I've been to a Prince concert or two... or ten.  All jokes aside he was a great artist in the musical sense and there was a lot to admire him for creatively... not so much for his choice in heels.

I say that I was a Prince fan in the past tense since his lyrics and antics just aren't as equally admirable.  It's just not something I want to pass on to my kids.  I'm a bit concerned that Teresa's favorite color is purple.  But she doesn't like when it's rainy outside so maybe it will cancel each other out.

But back in the day I was all aboard the purple boat.  And the captain had a funny way of writing that would shorten words like "to" to "2" (was "to" really 2 long?) and "see" to "c" and "you" to "u".  And yes, this was way before the dawn of texting.  One phrase he'd continually use on albums was May u live 2 c the dawn.  And yes, that's what popped into my head a few seconds before starting this blog.  Short story long.

There's been many a time I can't wait for a certain day to happen.  Kinda like Christmas when I was half my height and a quarter of my age.  Or, more recently, our wedding day... or, more so, our wedding night.  Time can't go soon enough until that particular special day.

When the Star Wars trilogy was on Empire and we all knew the next sequel would be years away, I'd remember praying "Oh, God - may I please, please live to see that come out!"  Now I project that on other people.  Not Star Wars, but that they might live to see all of their grandkids being born.

But really the real dawn we're all hoping to experience won't happen until we die or, to put it more heavenly, until we r born in2 eternal life.  And it's all due to another Prince.  May we all see that dawn someday.

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