Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh, man it's the 11th hour post again.  I know this keeps some Daily D readers on the edge of their seats to see if I miss... but there's always tomorrow.

I remember a couple days early on in my daily blogging foray that I'd be all snug in my bed and all of the sudden I'd remember I forgot to post.  Usually those entries are the so-so ones.  Even Tracy Lyn complains they're sometimes on the boring-side.  But one man's boring is another man's well, that wasn't so bad.

Today I got up before dawn cracked the cold winter night.  Went into work in my designer grunge... and I rose from the ashes of my burnout.  Had to design two ads from scratch(disk) and a couple other things before 8:30a -- when Tracy Lyn had to go into work.  I don't know if it was my grungy designer outfit, the Bohemian scruff as I try to garden a beard, or the quiet of an empty office but I was on fire.  There is a fine line between being on fire and burning out. Kinda funny... but not really.

So... well, I think that'll do today.  Tomorrow is another day that's knocking on the door.

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