Friday, January 7, 2011

TGIF and so much more

Today is Friday to which is the only day of the week that even an atheist thanks God for.  It just so happens to be "daddy-daughter day" for me and Teresa.  (I hate calling it that because it sounds like I'm a divorced guy and I get custody on Fridays.)

Coincidentally Fridays are also the days I usually throw out my back.  Chasing around a three-year old is a lot more of a workout than I usually get at work.  Nobody at work ever looks me straight in the eyes and says "Chase me!" and then runs off.  And if they did I probably wouldn't pursue... but when Teresa does so in a busy department store I have little choice.

Stay at home motherhood is my wife's full time job and it never ceases to amaze me that this profession is kind of looked down upon in our modern day.  Like I said, it is so much more work than so-called "work".  It's much more a vocation that really gets little, if any, vacation.  But the benefits for Teresa are amazing.  My girls have really bonded since Tracy Lyn has been a SAH Mom.  And I can't tell you how often Teresa will mistakenly call me "mom" during the day.

When Tracy Lyn comes home from work on Fridays, I admit I welcome the break from Teresa.  But the same doesn't seem to be the case when I get home.  They'll greet me but Teresa still sticks close to momma and momma to her.

When Teresa went to day care and Tracy Lyn and I were working full time, Teresa would come home really tired and, as a result, crabby.  She'd play a little and go to bed.  That was our interaction with our daughter.  And she was so much more a daddy's girl back then.  When Tracy Lyn lost her job, it was a bummer... but it forced us to get Teresa out of day care.

Truth be told Tracy Lyn's calling wasn't to be a graphic designer, it was to be a stay-at-home mom but sometimes you can't answer a call if you're on the other line, thank God she got disconnected.

Oh, and Thank God It's Friday... for beautiful daughters and amazing mothers.

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