Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My dad had his own way of telling people about the upcoming surgery.  He told me by saying "If someone hates my guts, they're gonna have less to hate."  He told Linda by saying, "The doctors told me I have too much guts." 

This morning he went under the knife... which is what the doctors have to do when you're under the weather sometimes.  They had to remove some of his intestines.  I'm taking tomorrow off so I can hang with him in recovery.  I guess they'll be monitoring him for gas.  I can't miss that.

When I was a kid I'd mess with ants.  (This may seem like I'm off on a tangent but Chicago bear with me.)  I'd destroy their ant hills, with my shoe, with water, with additional sand.  The ants would immediately start rebuilding their hill.  Over and over again.  I thought that was so funny but isn't that what we all do?  Whenever something bad happens, we don't give up -- there's a spirit in us that strives to get back.

My mom wonders why some people get cancer over and over.  Was it something they ate or something they didn't do.  Me?  I think people just get cancer just because.  There's no New Age reason as to how.

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Well, God permits it for a greater good.  That's really not the reason I did that to all those ant hills back when I was a kid, but I trust God knows what He's doing.  I'm sure the Israelites weren't so gung ho about going under the knife for the greater good.  I'm sure they would have preferred some intestinal surgery instead.

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