Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Endless possibilities

There's never been a better time to be a creative.  What do I mean by "creative"? 

A few years back, before I graduated college, I attended the Chicago Advertising Federation conference for young designer-types.   It was a networking opportunity with Chicago's finest (designers) but I've never really been good a rubbing elbows -- it's as uncomfortable as it sounds. 

I did get to tour the Frankel design agency.  It's now called something else as part of a multi-corp synergistic conglomerate.  But at the time of my tour it was just Frankel.  It was orange.  It was beautiful. 

We toured the different departments of the agency.  It was all pretty cool.  Designers and production artists warned us not to become designers and production artists.  The art director was pretty cool.  But cool doesn't cut it. 

What was freezer burn was "the creatives room".  Something about the very atmosphere was different.  I can only describe it as surreal and tech wonderful.  When they sensed our presence they all turned around, waved almost like they were in slow-mo and gave a quiet, fulfilled smile.  They seemed so  "at one" with everything around them but I guess that just goes with the title, "creative".

I'm a designer by trade but a true creative at heart.  The wonderful thing about this day and age is you don't have to work for a big agency or super conglomerate to have the resources of a creative.  With research and ingenuity, you can create with the best of them.  Animation, video, interactive, digital... oh, the possibilities!

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