Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A sight for sore eyes or even unsore ones

Today was a big day.  True, it had 24 hours like all the rest, but within one of those hours we got a really great preview of Baby Pumpkin.  The earlier, smaller ultrasound was like a movie teaser.  This was a full-blown trailer but it didn't give out the spoiler as to what gender the lil' pumpkin is.

When we tell people of my generation that we're waiting until the birth to find out the baby's sex, most think we're crazy that we're waiting.  But we're romantics.  And people of my parent's generation think it's pretty cool we're waiting for the big reveal.

So what can I tell you about Baby Pumpkin?  Well, the little rascal is a mover and a shaker.  Tracy Lyn would probably describe him more as a drummer.

Now you've probably noticed I slipped and wrote a "him" in there.  Well, that's the hunch/guess/intuition we're leaning on.  That comes from Teresa.  Before she first heard the baby's heartbeat, she was convinced she'd have a sister in a few months.  As soon as she heard the Doppler, she looked at us and sighed, "that's a boy... I'm having a brother." she said.

The gender really doesn't matter that much to us.  Or at least to me.  My wife said the same thing last time but when the doctor announced that it was a girl my wife squealed with such delight "IT'S A GIRL!"  And Erik and Pete already have a gender bet going.  Erik is giving Pete 2:1 odds it's a girl since he doubts my capacity for producing a boy.  Yeah, that's Erik.  Not sure if Pete doesn't have the same doubts but it is 2:1 odds... so for that, thank you, Pete.

It's a very weird thing to go into work in the morning and then go to an ultrasound appointment and then go back into work.  Alex mentioned that the baby is just three months away.  Wow!  Well, I loved the teaser and the trailer, I can't wait for the premiere.

Click here to see slide show of ultrasound pics.

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