Monday, January 17, 2011

The quietude of a winter snow

There's something to be said of snow... maybe a million somethings.  Now I prefer a little happy sun symbol on my weather forecasts much more than the white flakes on most days.   You see I have what they call a compact car... I've seen bigger golf carts.  The car doesn't agree with sloppy snowy roads and it usually doesn't win the arguments.  They say the only argument you win is the argument you avoid having.  That's my driving philosophy when it comes to winter driving too... I avoid it whenever I can.

Some things are unavoidable.  And one of those somethings is driving in snow in winter.  Ironic, I know.  I drove into work without a flake and had to venture back in a flavorless slushie... though it kinda looked chocolaty. 

I don't get paid by the word so long pontification, short, we often don't like the things that slow us down whether they be the weather, or they 15 mph compact car in front of impatient SUV, or an injury or an ailment.  The real beauty of those things is that they do slow us down.  I love standing out in the snow covered intersection... nary a car on the road thanks to a foot of the white stuff keeping everyone immobile.  The quiet of it is potent... good for the soul.

So thank God for the snow.  Thank God for that little, compact green Focus moving so slowly ahead of you.  Take a minute to read the license plate.  ONGSUS.  Focus on Jesus... Amen!

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