Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm in a seven step program

My name is Damien and you already know that I'm organizationally challenged from a previous post.  But I also want to come clean on another problem.  The kissing cousin of Disorganized and that's "bad with money."

No, it's not that I'm mean or abusive to money in the physical sense.  As you know I just got a cozy new wallet to keep my green comfy.  But I find that my money and I are always soon parted.  Now even a fool can see that that's a problem... and coincidentally so can I.

And here's another confession, the easy kind since it's not about me:  My wife is also bad with money.  Together we make quite a team but not a very financially sound one.

Thankfully we're on the good side of terrible.  We  actually have really good credit scores but we desperately need help managing our money.  Today we took the first step... of seven steps in the 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free small group study through St. Bernard's.

I really wish they taught this stuff in grade school or at least made this kind of course mandatory before getting a credit card but better late than never.

First step:  Over the next four weeks we'll be keeping track of everything we spend.  "Even spending time with my daughter?" I asked.  "No, just keep track of spending money."  I said, "time is money."  They had no cents of humor it seems... I had to sit in the corner.

You can probably tell I'm kidding.  But that's the thing about numbers... they don't kid.  Numbers are serious stuff.  Maybe that's why we're intimidated by them.  Maybe that's why we use colors and shapes and cute kids pictures in marketing.  They sell more gum than the four out of five dentists who recommend Trident their patients who chew gum.  That just leaves us to wonder about the one dentist who doesn't.  Do you see those numbers on their website?

Well, it's time for me to get serious.  We have another baby on the way and I want all our kids to be good stewards of their finances.  We gotta learn so we teach our children well.

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