Sunday, January 9, 2011

God versus Packers

Today was the day in Titletown, USA.  Every tv and radio was set for the Pack's big Wildcard Playoff game versus the Eagles.  It just so happened to be the day for our RCIA group to meet (during the big game) and to go through a welcoming rite at the evening Mass as part the process of initiation.

Now initiation for fraternities sometimes have extreme hazings as a part of their initiation into the group.  But what a cruel and unusual hazing for these catechumens and candidates... who are also part of the Packer's faithful... a true test: God or the Packers?

Guess who won?  Well, the Pack won their game (unbeknownst to us) but we had a full class attendance at RCIA... and no one with a radio wired in their ear or a mini tv stashed away.  I was impressed.

Back in the day converts coming into the Catholic Church had a much more intense process of initiation including exorcisms and public confession.  I think this rates right up there with that... and you know what?  That is awesome!  A true test of what's really important.  What's even cooler is that we passed!  Go, God!  Go!

Now if it really was God versus the Packers, we know who'd win but that sure would be a confusing game...  Both teams would have big G's on their helmets.

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