Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time flies when you're getting old

William Shatner had a funny string of tweets regarding his age.  "You know you're old when you fart dust."  I wonder if, as he was tweeting that, the thought crossed his mind -- I'm getting too old for this.

That thought crosses my own mind.  Sometimes I find that thought shooting out of my mind at other people -- that dude's getting too old for that!

I have been warned by plenty of old people over the years that the older you get, the faster time flies.  That concept really appealed to me since I thought it was based on the premise "time flies when you're having fun."  As the years go by I have reached new heights of joy but also have come to wrestle with a sumo of tough times.   And those years do seem to go faster and faster with each passing year.

At this rate I expect to hit 50 in the time it took me to reach 25.  That's a joke I think.

It'll be strange to look back in 15 years at this entry and the old me might chuckle at 35 year old me and think how young I was.  Or maybe I'll be too busy to bother with blogs at all.  Too busy farting dust.

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