Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visiting Hours

Well, today was quite the day.  It was packed and oddly so.  I'm trying to think of a clever follow-up to that sentence... How 'bout It was packed and oddly so... like an elephant's trunk in the candy store.  No, that makes no sense.

Well, I visited my dad in the hospital today.  He seemed pretty weak and pale in the morning.  He was walking with two nurses at his side.  But he still had his sense of humor and was pretty jokey.  He kept calling his morphine heroine. 

Then I visited a few hours in the afternoon.  His color was back but he kept drifting in and out of sleep. 

Then I watched Lulu's kids in St Vincent's cafe while she saw dad but then we all went up to see him.  And then mom came.  Then we left and I helped her pump gas since she hasn't done that in years by herself.

I think he'll get better but being stuck in the hospital with literal sucky tubes coming out of you has to be... sucky. 

I got the long-awaited camera today and wacom tablet -- both on the same day but I haven't even had the chance to open either. 

Okay, time to snooze.

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