Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not sure if I like my facial hair, but it's growing on me... oh, and another thing.

As you know I'm attempting a beard.  I say attempting since it's turning out to be more of a goatee or a Vandyke

The vote is split between my girls.  Teresa likes my whiskers.  Tracy Lyn doesn't really mind until we smooch.  Actually Tracy Lyn really doesn't pay all that much attention to face.  Last time I attempted a beard she didn't notice until I mentioned I might shave it off. 

Now I haven't noticed any change in my personality since donning a facial facade per se.  I thought I might be folliclely influenced.  Most bad guys have mustaches I noticed.  Most depictions of Christ have him with a beard.  And there's a very fine line between a Hilter and a Chaplin 'stache. 

Today was the big game.  Once again the RCIA class came through despite meeting during the last quarter of the NFC Championship game... To me, this proves it.  They are Catholic.  C'mon, they missed two Packers playoff games!  We, however, will not be meeting during the Super Bowl. 

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