Thursday, January 27, 2011

No beard, no cry

I shaved my so-called beard today.  I guess I'm just not a beard guy. 

T'was my greatest effort and success as far as facial hair goes.  In fact I couldn't use a razor or an electric shaver because the forest of follicles was too thick... the bark of each beard hair too strong.  Good thing my Titanium trimmer had a beard trimmer thingy.  I then picked up a generic three blade razor thing called Wilkinson Sword at Walmart.  Half the price of the Schick Quatros or Cincos and the blades are refillable.  They shave good too!

Sad thing is nobody seemed to notice my beardlessness today.  Not even an "oh, hey, you shaved!" or "hey, babyface!" or "is your chin undergoing chemo?"  You'd think they'd say something or at least do some sort of sign language.

As for me, I noticed.  I looked at the man in the mirror today and remarked how much younger he looked - at least two years.  Now I think I'm going to kiss my wife without pricking her.  It's been awhile.

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